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Scary Blue Bell Hill Trip & 4Hour Work Week

One evening we were discussing “lets drive somewhere”.

We didnt finalise a place, we just drove. After passing Maidstone we saw a board with “Blue Bell Hill”.

Suddenly  I remebered about the story of BBH. There was a tragic car accident in 1965, where two cars collided and 3 women out of 4 died. One of those women were getting married the following day. In 1969, 1974 and 1992 incidents were reported by the appearance of a “Girl in Wedding Dress”. Please read this news and watch the video.



Credits to : Haunted Rooms.co.uk  & Youtube.com: Mystic Spirit Channel

So yes we both agreed lets go there and see. It was about 3pm then. After few turns and hills we found a cap park for BBH.

We both were stunned at the first view!! Its nearly 2 years were living in Maidstone and how come we didnt come to this place before.

We completly forgot about the scary bit by then.

A selfie in Blue Bell Hill.

We could see the whole Maidstone from top of this hill. I suddenly opened Google Maps and located BBH. Its massive!! We were only on,  one edge of it. We then walked towards a board with details about this place. Its a chalk Hill.

We then sat on the bench and enjoyed the view. It was cold but we were lost in the spectacular view.


Blue Bell Hill Sunset.

We had some usual chats about the world beyond us and other random stuff. Unexpectedly Infront of us I found  a small bush and a bunch of flowers on it. Someone purposefully kept it there. I jumped off from bench and went down there and what I found was a tearful message.

A note for DAD.

This was a note from a son or a daughter for “A Special DAD”. It was so touching. I tried to take a snap of the flowers along with the view of BBH. Later when we were coming to the car we found there was a helicopter crash in 1998 and three air ambulance crew died there. I guess the message was from one of their relative. There is a memorial stone with the names of who died.

As the sun was going down and it was getting colder we were heading back. On the way we found few small steps and we decided “lets explore”.

Steps to the Downs

We had a good view of the Maidstone and we were discussing about where will be our house. After few silly arguments we pointed out to the far and said ” Yes there it is !!” 😛

I managed to click few more snaps with the sun and sky as the backdrop.

Sun as my backdrop.

We got into the car, switched on the heating and waited for the sun to go down. This was the last min view from our car window.

Sun goes down.

We decided to come back here in summer with our mates and family. All these time we completely forgot about the scary story though. There was nothing scary. We reveresed our car and drove off before it was completely dark. We didnt wanted a lady in a white dress to ask us a lift. 🙂

We reveresed our car and drove off before it was completely dark. We didnt wanted a lady in a white dress to ask us a lift. 🙂

We hope you are enjoying this blog. We thought of adding few helpful thoughts from our daily life. I  read a book, I mean heard a book. When I read I alwas sleep, so I found a way to read one. Audiobooks!! I downloaded audible app and this book 4HWW (4 Hour Work Week)

http://www.audible.co.uk/pd/Business/The-4-Hour-Work-Week-Audiobook/B005QQWGPA/ref=a_search_c4_1_1_srTtl?qid=1488299894&sr=1-1Listening to audiobooks is more easier for me. I guess if anyone  reading this, try this app and read your own books. You will love it. 

I heard it twice, this is the first book which I read for twice. Still cant believe. I came to know about this book in 2015, I regret that I wasted one year by not reading in that time.

About the book 4HWW; it was written by Tim Ferris a genius and a master mind. Hes a billionaire now. He have invested in Facebook, Alibaba and Uber. But before he became a billionaire he used some tricks and tips to reach there. Some of you might find its not possible, But he proved it, as Possible. I am not blabbing about it. Give a try!! If you like it then Let me know!! He have a Podcast also. Checkout his blog:http://tim.blog

Taking this oppurtunity to thank Tim Ferris for being an inspirer.

Currently I am finishing Steve Jobs autobiography Audiobook.

Until next time!!

Peace & Love

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