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Drive to Blue Water(BW)…

After the last update, we were tied up with the usual daily life…


So we decided to go for a drive to blue water in Dartford. The day was a bit “gray”. That’s how we call the depressive weather days. 😛

The funniest experience from our previous visit to BW a few months ago was, finding the car. We walked about 2 miles around BW as we didn’t take the parking lot no. But this time we got the no and the level of parking.

I had a work related visit to the Three store BW, within 5 minutes it was done. Later we had a hot chocolate with a fudge from EAT. That fudge was really yummy. I forgot to take a photo… Errr.

We did some window shopping, the best was at Clintons where Lidia stopped and went back to her childhood memories. They had few musical toys for several occasions. We both played few of those songs and left out from the outside world.

Then we jumped into the Disney store… Woooow that was super cool. A lot of our characters from cartoons such as Mickey and Minney was there. We got lost at  Star Wars toys section.

Trooper With Lidia

By the time we watched a lot of shop windows; we came to the usual chat. “Shall we have food or not? “

The typical me replied “Hmmm Maybe, or shall we go home and eat? “.

By that time we already passed a nice restaurant with a rural type interior setup.

She replied ” Well we don’t go out that often, that restaurant looks really nice.”

Inside me ” Yes, of course, it has to be, that’s why they pay lot more money in advertisement and interior decoration. Their money worked”!! 😉

With a second thought, I replied, ” Yes, let’s go and check the menu”. While we were checking the menu we both had a lot of salivae piling up in our mouth. Suddenly we realized we can’t eat Meat.

Oh I forgot to mention, we decided to avoid all red meat from Jan1 2017 till our wedding anniversary ie, April 17 2017. We gulped the saliva suddenly and still decided to go for the food.

We loved the interior design, very rural Lebanese style setup with homely felt chairs and tables. The kitchen was designed for the customers to see how they cook. One Lebanese guy came and asked for food choice. He asked whether it was out first visit? We smiled and said yes it is!!.We politely asked him to come back in few minutes.

So this is what we ordered..

1 x Green Tea, 1x Fresh Rose Mint Tea, 1 x Falafel, 1 x Halloumi Cheese & Zaatar Man’ousha 8, 1 x Aubergine

Pita and Hummus

Jo with Aubergine

Lidia wit falafel & rose mint Tea

Happy tummy

This is the link to the restaurant website. https://www.comptoirlibanais.com/menu/bluewater/main/

Total we spent about £38.00 for a 2-course Meal. The last pic you can see how empty it is. We both loved the atmosphere and food.The Falafel was very delicious. It tasted as of Lentil Snack “Parippuvada” from Kerala, India. I am not a big fan of Aubergine, but this dish i loved it. It was a bit oily though. Today was the day i realized Hummous was made from chick peas !!!

Specially the rose Mint Tea was the hit from this day. Out of 10 we give 9 for the food.

After the Veg meals, we walked a bit more and hit few paper shops such as Kikki, Paper chase etc. Later we found this ad displayed near to the escalator.We didn’t believe it first, then I said “Well, I want to take a snap of it!!

There you go. 🙂 FUND YOUR STARTUP like this??

21st Century Ads

This time ,we found the car quickly  and drove home…

Next adventure is to Blue Bell Hill. Scary stories heard but beautiful…

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Until next one!!


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  1. Jidhin John 9th February 2017

    Beautiful thoughts, experience . Visit more places , write more so that let me experience ?

  2. Tina Mathew 10th February 2017

    I felt like I visited Blue Waters with u guys …..
    Would love to visit more places
    Keep writing kapparte…..

  3. Kingson Joseph 10th February 2017

    I did enjoy reading that, quite interesting. All the best for all the future visits. Try writing on something ppl don’t visit much these days or rather things or places everyone started forgetting.

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