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We all might have gone through this type of scenarios.

We think of something specific and we always think of it, “Yes I want to do something similar.” It can be travelling, adrenaline rush, creating something, calling some one, the list goes on…

We always end up thinking of it. That never happens, coz of so many excuses. No time, its expensive, it takes long time, its not possible, I am tired today….

So I was also procrastinating about a similar situation, to do a painting for about 10 years.. Woow thats way too long. I (Joseph) used to paint in my kiddo days. I got some prizes too, yes I did!! Everytime I think of taking the brush, its non stop  excuses.

Well I did few sketches, may be 2-3 in last 2 years.

Lidia got annoyed coz of my excuses of not doing it. One day I decided yes I am doing it. We thought of painting our living room wall. WOOOW yeah that was our reaction to. That was sitting in our head for about 1 month.

Finally, I went out and bought some paint from wilko, the £1 samples. Got some brushes, masking tapes etc. I saw a street art pic in instagram and I said thats it. I got my click, I will expand it along with my imagination from my head. I did a water colour of it. 

Then the colours and ideas were flowing.

With the one thing i dont have “Patience” I took 2 weeks to complete this project.

Once it was finished, when i looked at it and asked myself, “Why the hell it took 10 years for me to do the one thing I love to do”.

I guess we all know the answer!!

#DWYL- Do what you Love !!!

DIY wall painting

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