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Who are we?

Hello world,

Who is this Kapparte?

What is it all about?

Yup we asked this question few years ago.

We are a NORMAL couple, may be a bit ab/normal??

We are Lidia and Joseph.

Lidia, a Polish chick who hooked up with that Indian guy Joseph. We met in 2009 and we started our journey from friendship to marriage. During this trekking and cycling journey, we thought of creating something unique from what we LOVE to do.

Lidia, is a nursery nurse (yes, she loves babies, hope Joseph can relax during that period), Joseph a retail associate now doing Photography as his muse. That thought gradually ended up by creating arts and crafts.

People loved our ideas..

Initially we made gifts and crafts for our close friends and families. Later in 2016 we designed and made  our own wedding cards, decorations and other supplies. It was really  beautiful wedding. We couldnt stop thinking about , what if others like the idea of making things very personal for their weddings or events? or even for the gifts for their loved ones?

Yes, that was the muse, we decided!!! lets launch our own small facebook page and website to help YOU, to create the personalised gifts, arts or crafts you name it.

In this our journey there were so many trips, cycling, espresso’s and yummy food were consumed. We will try to update this as much as we can with our crazy ideas.

We are grateful for all those who commented to us, woow, “that’s really good stuff !!! ”

Thats how we ended up in Kapparte.

Oh , we forgot. KAPPA is Lidias nick name and ARTe comes from “art” in french. KAPPARTE!!

We value your suggestions and ideas, if  you saw a card or frame or a gift in Pintreset or Etsy or Fancy or anywhere and badly want to get it? Oh yes , just inbox us. We will try our best to mix it with our ideas and to develop it.

When we  write this, we just finished our latest edition of Wedding card design for Mitil & Swizzle. They getting married in Goa, India. All the best to them. You can view more photos about this card in the next blog!!

Till then , Peace !!

a minimalistic, rustic , vintage wedding card

a minimalistic, rustic , vintage wedding card


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